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Long Distance Cycling with Velomobile

Due to current circumstances, we will close the site 202020.eu.

All participants have been prevented from completing their travels due to the pandemic. Alve Henricson had to leave his velomobile in Crete and now that it is again possible to ride on the roads, he has had a torn Achilles heel.

We do not know what will happen in the future. But the plan for all of us participants is to continue cycling through Europe with our velomobiles. It will then probably be in a less public way where everyone sets their own goals.

We participants want to thank you all for your encouraging comments and cheers and we look forward to meeting you on the roads also in the future.

The more private Facebook group for close friends will not be closed for now.

Regards from us!

The 202020 Velomobile Challenge consists of cycling with a velomobile through as many countries, states or territories as possible. This is a personal challenge, not a competition.

This is how a velomobile works. Description made by Nina Paley.


You can follow each participant on their own sites and social media by clicking on the links here below.

Alve Henricson

From Sweden

Alve Henricson at the start of the 202020 Velomobile Challenge on the 22 02 2020.

Alve, creator of the 202020 Velomobile Challenge, is riding a Quattrovelo velomobile. The Quattrovelo is a recumbent bicycle with four wheels and plenty of space for luggage.

Quattrovelo #5 going uphill on icy road when Alve cycled to Nordkapp in November 2019.

Alve Henricson’s blog

Alve Henricson´s latest reported rides on Ride With GPS

Alve Henricson on Warmshowers

Alve Henricson´s preliminary route:

Alve Henricson´s latest reported position on MyMaps:

Team Jörg & Jonathan Gebers

From Germany

Jörg to the left and Jonathan to the right.
Jörg and Jonathan are travelling with one Quattrovelo velomobile each. They are testing electric assist with solar panels.
Jörg and Jonathan’s preliminary route.

Jörg (the father) and Jonathan (the son) have been living in Shanghai for several years. Their velomobiles are the first ones to have been sent to China from where they travel to Europe.

You can follow Jörg and Jonathan on their blog

Jörg and Jonathan on Instagram

Jörg and Jonathan on YouTube

Unfortunately Jörg is forced to end his journey from China to Germany because of borders being closed due to corona. It is a pity after all his work but would not surprise us to see Jörg back on the road in the future.
Read more here:

Denis Bodennec

From France

Denis Bodennec in Bretagne, France.
The four wheeled Quattrovelo.

Denis is the vice-president of Vélomobile Club de France http://www.velomobile-france.com . He is riding a Quattrovelo velomobile. Denis has built or modified several velomobiles and he has cycled long distances both with traditional bicycles and velomobiles. Before 2020 he has rode more than 110 000 km with Velomobiles.

Denis Bodennec´s latest reported rides on Ride With GPS

Denis Bodennec on Facebook

Denis Bodennec on French recumbent forum http://velorizontal.1fr1.net/t24075p500-pederrodek-quattrovelo9-skoul-ar-pevarzek-milan-sl-mk1-14?highlight=pederrodek

Preliminary route for Denis Bodennec

4036km – Elevation +27120m.

Mattias Sjösvärd

From Sweden

Mattias is riding a WAW velomobile. The WAW has three wheels and small cargo space thus keeping the weight of the velomobile low. The lower weight a velomobile has, the easier it is when going uphill.

Mattias Sjösvärd´s latest reported rides on Ride With GPS:

Mattias Sjösvärd on Facebook

Mattias Sjösvärd on Strava

Mattias Sjösvärd on Garmin Connect

Links to other 202020 media

Our 202020 Facebook page

The 202020 Facebook group is only for participants and serious supporters https://www.facebook.com/groups/710368762713952/

What is a Velomobile?

Velomobiles are bicycles and always have to be peddled when driving. Velomobiles are not electric vehicles, but some of them have electric assist when going uphill.

Have a look at the video here below to learn more about velomobiles with no electric assist. You will find some information on electric assist here.

202020 Rules

The 202020 Velomobile Challenge started in 2020 and participants were supposed to travel through 20 countries, that’s why it is called 202020. But plans where changed during the Covid 19 pandemic and the interest in travelling with velomobiles is continuing after 2020. We have now changed the aim of the challenge to “Long distance cycling with velomobile”. Participants still have to cycle through as many countries as possible during a substantial period of time.

The velonauts choose their own route and pace. They can make use of ferries and trains for transporting their velomobiles, but they are not allowed to use cars, busses or trucks for transporting their velomobiles from and to their homes. The aim is to make the trips as eco friendly as possible. For example, will members not be allowed to transport their velomobiles on a car or trailer to some location where to ride and then transport the velomobile with car or trailer back to home. Exemptions are made to, for example, participants sending the velomobile with freight from Europe to China for a one-way ride back home.

We would like to point out that this is not a medium through which one can convey political messages or use 202020 to market one’s own companies for profit. It is a non-political and non-commercial group. Therefore, we do not publish links to the velonauts own sites or the velonauts own social media if they contain political or commercial announcements. The links we publish here must be relevant to each participants velomobile activity.

Participants can have their own sponsors and they can campaign for charitable purposes.

Each participant is completely independent of each other and each one is completely disconnected from what other participants publish on their Internet pages.

202020 is only a portal with links to participants of this velomobile challenge. This site cannot be held responsible for statements made by participants on the links published here.

The goal of this site is to facilitate contact between followers and participants. Each participating velonaut should therefore make visible stickers with information about the 202020 Velomobile Challenge on their velomobile. A small sticker on each side of the velomobile with the text www.202020.eu is enough for followers to find this site and trough it be able to follow our members.

Each participant is responsible for having at least one place on the Internet where followers can find information about her/his journey. It is enough to show a link to a navigation site where one can see the routes that the participant has made. Best would be if the participant has an own blog or vlog to show.

This site is free of charge for participants. No fees are paid. All work is voluntary. In return, each participant is responsible for expenses associated with printing stickers with the text www.202020.eu to be displayed on each side of the velomobile. These stickers can sometimes (when Alve is in Sweden) be ordered at cost price.

Participatory registration

You can apply to become a participant if you comply with the rules mentioned here above.
Send a mail to alve @ Henricson.eu (delete spaces in address) with following:
1- Horizontal, landscape size photo of good quality showing your velomobile (make sure the background and suroundings aren’t disturbing in the photo).
2- Horizontal, landscape size photo of good quality of you and your velomobile (make sure the background and suroundings aren’t disturbing in the photo).
3- Nationality
4- Very short personal presentation
5- Map/photo in good quality of your route or link to for example Ridewithgps
6- Links to your blog, navigation site, social media and/or MyMaps
7- Describe the period you plan to be travelling.
It might take some time to get your link into the site 202020 if Alve is out riding his velomobile.
Your information on the site will be deleted when your travel has ended.

Thank you for your visit!

We hope that the information shown here can be helpful in finding the velonaut you have encountered on the roads. Thank you for liking and sharing!